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New Machines - CNC Milling
Weald Enterprises family of milling products includes revolutionary new designs in hardware and software. These products deliver unsurpassed value, superior quality, advanced designs, and attractive pricing.

Milltronics controls and machines have evolved for over twenty-five years, offering unsurpassed value. This long history enables Weald Enterprises to offer a broad range of machines. In fact many machine models evolved because of overwhelming customer demand to expand. Today, no other company offers so many milling machines for both toolroom and production environments. Also recognised are the special needs and differences between small economical machines and larger sophisticated machines. Weald Enterprises also realises the similarity that these products share with respect to quality, reliability, and performance.

Machining Centres (VM) Linear Ways Machining Centres
VM15 (610 x 405 x 510mm) click to view image
VM16 (760 x 405 x 510mm)  
VM20 (1015 x 508 x 660mm) click to view image
VM22 (1015 x 560 x 660mm) click to view image
VM25 (1270 x 635 x 610mm)  
VM30 (1270 x 760 x 610mm)  
VM30XP (1270 x 760 x 610mm) click to view image

Solid Ways (RW) Machining Centres
RW15 (635 x 380 x 520mm) click to view image
RW20 (635 x 510 x 520mm) click to view image

Bed Mills (MB) Quill Head Type
MB14 (610 x 305 x 455mm)  
MB15 (635 x 380 x 455mm)  
MB18 (815 x 485 x 570mm) click to view image
MB19 (815 x 485 x 570mm)  
MB20 (1015 x 510 x 610mm)  
MB30 (1525 x 760 x 710mm) click to view image

Bed Mills (RH) Solid Head Type
RH15 (635 x 380 x 520mm)  
RH19 (810 x 480 x 560mm)  
RH20 (1015 x 510 x 610mm)  
RH30 (1525 x 760 x 710mm) click to view image
RH33 (2000 x 840 x 710 mm) click to view image

Knee Mills
VKM3 (760 x 380 x 125mm)  
VKM4 (760 x 380 x 125mm) click to view image